The firm has substantial motion practice and trial experience in numerous Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeal, including the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Our litigation expertise is not limited to disputes over the infringement of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, but also includes the protection of trade secrets, as well as the unfair competition and antitrust issues so frequently intertwined with intellectual property matters.

The firm often settles cases before lengthy and protracted court proceedings. However, when litigating to conclusion is necessary, Ward & Olivo has been very successful at bringing the infringement, abuse and misappropriation of our clients' intellectual property to a screeching halt. A large part of the firm's practice is defending our clients against charges of infringement from others.

  The firm's practice is evenly divided between cases where we serve as principal litigation counsel and cases where we are retained by larger firms to provide patent expertise in support of the defense or opinions of non-infringement and invalidity. We are the go-to firm for many of the biggest firms in the country when they require these services.

Ward & Olivo offers full and partial contingent fee arrangements in appropriate cases for clients who wish to partner even more closely with the firm in enforcing their rights. The firm's contingent fee litigation practice is both meant to give small companies and individuals the opportunity to enforce their rights, while affording well-financed entities the chance to monetize their intellectual property assets in a way that minimizes the financial impact of litigation expenses.